Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining Mobile E-mail
Sh. Anand Kishore, I.A.S Executive Director ..... 09.06.14 +91-612-2290328
Sh. Rahul Kumar, I.A.S Additional Executive Director ..... 01.09.14 0612-2284336

HR SPMU (Performance Appraisal) 
Name Cell Designation Qualification Date of Joining Mobile E-mail Adverse PAR
Received /Intimated
(if any)*
Sh. Rajneesh Kumar Singh, B.A.S AO CELL Administrative Officer .... 13.02.14 0612-2292059  
............ HUMAN RESOURCE CELL ............ ............ ............ 7488270145  
Sh. Sudhir Kumar, B.A.S RCH/MCH CELL Sr. Dy. Collector-cum-Dy. Director Procurement M.A 09.05.13 9473197721  
Md. Imtiazuddin ......... Consultant - School Health Programme M.A. - Rural Management & Development 29.11.12 9473197720  
Sh. Pranay Kumar ASHA RESOURCE CENTRE CELL Team Leader, Asha Resource Centre M.A. Rural Development 15.05.15 .......  
Ms. Anju Lata ASHA RESOURCE CENTRE CELL Deputy Programme Manager (ASHA) M.A. Rural Development 21.08.12 9334598403  
Ms. Priti Sinha " Consultant - Training [ASHA] PG in Rural Management & Development 06.08.12 8969453401  
Dr. T.A.Lari AYUSH CELL State Programme Officer- Ayush G.U.M.S.(Hons.) 04.08.09 9473191942  
Sh. Atul Verma COMPLAINT & DATA CELL Data Officer-cum-I/C Complaint Cell MIT & PGDCA 23.12.05 9470003027  
Dr. Md. Sajjad Ahmat FAMILY PLANNING State Programme Officer M.B.B.S. 11.11.14 9473199393  
Sh. Nishant Kumar FAMILY PLANNING Dy. Director- Family Planning MSW & MBA - Marketing 14.05.15 9430580088  
Sh. Anil Kumar Srivastava FINANCE CELL Finance Manager BSc Hons. 22.05.15 9470003021  
Sh. Arvind Kumar HMIS CELL System Analyst-cum-Data Office MCA, M.Tech (IT) 01.08.08 9470003015  
Sh. Ranjan Kumar " SD-cum-System Administrator MCA & MBA in Information System 25.02.11 9473197723 systemadmin  
Dr. TVCP Sinha Radiology & Pathology / PC-PNDT/Blood Bank/Cold Chain/Genric Drug Shop State Programme Officer MBBS, MD [Medicine] 11.11.14 9470003017  
Sh. Alok Ranjan Cold Chain Consultant - Cold Chain B.Tech, M.B.A. 20.12.05 .......  
Sh. Rakesh Kumar Sinha HOUSE KEEPING I/C House Keeping MSC 19.11.14 9470003000  
Dr. Ragini Mishra IDSP CELL State Epidemiologist Ph.D, MSc., MBA 01.09.09 9471007301  
Ms. Jyoti Verma MONITORING & EVALUATION CELL Dy. Director (M & E) PGDRD 02.03.10 9470003018  
Santosh Kumar " Consultant - Quality Assurance M.A.- Rural Development 01.12.12 9471007302  
Md.Masood Alam " State Consultant (Tobacco Control) MBA - Health Management 01.06.10 9473197722  
Dr. Y.N. Pathak NURSING CELL State Programme Officer M.B.B.S. 07.12.11 9470003829   
Sh. Gaurav Kumar RCH/MCH CELL Dy. Director MCH MBA- Health Management 29.03.10 9431005972  
Dr. N.K. Sinha RI CELL State Immunization Officer M.S. 01.10.11 9470003014  
Sh. Ram Ratan " State Programme Officer-RI & Polio BS(HB), Med.Anatomy & PGDCH 02.03.10 9431005973  
Ms. Rula Masood " State Mamta Coordinator MBA (HR), MRDM 27.08.10 9473197724   
Dr. Jayati Srivastava TRAINING CELL Dy. Director - Training MSW, PGDDHM, Ph.D 31.03.10 9470003019   
* All Districts have to report any adverse Performance Appaisal of Contractual Staffs to The responsibility of sending reports regarding adverse PAR rests with controlling officers. It is to be known that next tranche of salary/emoluments would be given to all staffs only on the basis of performance appraisal. Adverse PAR, thus has to be reported to human resource cell of SHSB.